Sourashtra – Konangi Folk Dance

Folk dance of sourashtra paLkar people. The dance is called as ‘kONangi’ . A jester dance. Of Sourashtra people migrated and residing in tamil nadu state, India. The dance form is unique and identity of sourashtra palkar community.

The author of this dance konangi is lord krishna. ” Then Ravana and Kumbhakarna were reborn as Shishupala and Dantavakra, two villainous humans who valued personal ambition over social order. Their behavior forced Vishnu to descend as Krishna and kill them. Death at the hands of God released Jai and Vijay from the Asura, Rakshasa and Manava forms and ensured their return to Vaikuntha where they resumed their roles as doorkeepers.” – Sources Sri Bhagavatham.

When killing of Vakradanta @ Dantavakra, Lord Krishna used his chakra. Chakra was captured by mouth by Vakradanta with big teeths. ( the demon) Then LOrd krishna make a trick. He started to dance with humorous movement. When the demon saw the dance, he laughed. At the time of laughing, the chakra cutted his big teeths and kills him. The humorous dance is called KONANGI ( KoNa + Angi ie. bended body) is the dance name. This konangi dance performed every year at rama navami, narrating Lord Rama and Lord Krishna’s life morals.