Youngest RTI user T K SREEJEETH VIJAY from Port Blair

Youngest RTI user in Andaman

The Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI Act in short) provides access to the information from the Government to the common public. It is interesting to know that even school going children also stated using this Act. Thanks to the recent changes in the Educational System as well as  the access of latest communication techniques. Here is the success story of a school boy T K Sreejeeth Vijay (avre palkaar babu) who used RTI Act recently in Andaman.

The boy who is doing 8th Standard in Port Blair, Andaman Islands suddenly stopped his daily cycling around Junglighat School area. When his father enquired, the reply given was the bad condition of road which was not allowing him to ride cycle. When RTI matter came to knowledge of the boy, he requested his father to ask under RTI Act about the bad condition of the road. His father responded, the sufferer can definitely ask under RTI provided he is an Indian Citizen.

Being the holder of AADHAAR Card with him, T K Sreejeeth Vijay of Kamaraj English Medium School decided to resolve the social issue and filed RTI applications to Port Blair Municipal Council (PBMC) as well as Andaman Public Works Department (APWD) on 16th November 2012.

Port Blair Municipal Council responded to the school boy too, in a time bound manner. In a letter dated 5th December, PBMC stated that the application is not clear about the location. The applicant was requested to appear before the Assistant Engineer I (Water Works), PBMC to explain the exact location of the road.

The school boy appeared before the concerned officer on 6th December 2012 and explained the location of the road with the help of Google image and the photos taken from mobile phones showing the bad condition of the road. On getting the location details of the road, the applicant was informed that the information will be sent shortly. The school boy Sreejeeth returned back home.

It was a surprise to Sreejeeth Vijay that the repairing works of the said road has been taken up on 7th December 2012. Thus T K Sreejeeth Vijay now became the “youngest user of RTI Act in A & N Islands”.

While PBMC started the repairing works of the said road, on the other hand APWD forwarded the said RTI to the concerned PIO to provide the information in time along with a reminder letter, both the copies were also received by the young RTI user of this Islands.

This is the Magic of RTI.

News published in ‘The Echo of India’ – Click here